Kenwood kCook CCC200WH Cooking Food Processor - White

Kenwood kCook CCC200WH Cooking Food Processor - White

  • One stop food processing and cooking
  • Pre set recipes
  • 3 pre set temperature settings
  • Blades, stirring paddle and steaming basket included
  • Dedicated chop button

Kenwood Kcook Cooking Food Processor


The Kenwood kCook provides ‘one pot’ cooking, allowing flavoursome casseroles, fresh soups and various sauces to be prepared at the touch of a few buttons. It will even steam your vegetables and fish in the inclusive basket for an even healthier family meal.


The kCook cooking food processor will make creating healthy, homemade meals easy. Complete with a simple, step-by-step guide and pre-set functions a variety of dishes can be prepared with confidence, freeing up more time to do other tasks.



Kenwood Kcook


Compact size but with a 1.5 L Bowl Capacity, the kCook can cater for a family of 4 easily.

3 bowl tools included to help prepare a variety of dishes; blades for chopping and blending curries and soups, stirring paddle for risottos and stews, steaming basket for fish and vegetables.

The display area has been specially developed with confidence and reassurance in mind. The green shield indicates when it’s safe to walk away from the machine, the lid interlock symbol indicates that the lid is not correctly positioned and the red line indicates that the bowl is hot and above 60 degree Celsius.

Intermittent beep will sound when the unit is ready for you to progress to the next stage in the recipe or when the meal is complete.

Three recipe pre-sets to guide the user through a recipe with pre-programmed stages. These are designed to help create one pot meals, sauces and steamed meals.

Dedicated chop button so the user can control the consistency of the food being chopped. When the unit is hot, an in-built safety feature ensures that the chopping blade slowly builds up speed so that hot contents do not splash.

Three temperature settings; 65 , 92 and 100 degree Celsius.

Three stir settings; one constant stir setting and two levels of intermittent speeds for gentle stirring.

Adjustable timer buttons. When using the pre-set recipes, this will be programmed but you can adjust the timings to decrease or increase the cooking time needed.

Dedicated recipe app with easy to follow, step by step recipes making tasty home-made meals simple.

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