Tefal Manual 5 Second Food Chopper

Tefal Manual 5 Second Food Chopper

  • Efficient in just 5 seconds and uses zero electric power
  • Ideal for salsa, sauces, guacamole, meats, fruits, vegetables, and baby food
  • Comfortable, smooth pulling knob operation
  • Cutting case and blades are dishwasher safe; lid should be hand washed only
  • Ice Crushing and Cream whipping blades available (Select in Product Options)
Blade Options
  • Capacity: 500 ml, container
  • Suitable for: cleaning (hand under water)
  • Number of blades: 2
  • Non-slip Base: yes
  • Storage: automatic Coil Handle
  • Color: Black
  • Material: Plastic
  • Product Description: the mincer 5 seconds, compact, ergonomic and easy to clean can chop all types of ingrédients. its twin blades, patented Rotary System and Automatic cut-out handles provide a regular basis, the largest in the more slim and in record time. non-slip bottom washable with water Speed: -vitesse Axe all in 5 seconds and regularly -possibilité Chop of out of the largest at the end for a Culinary result guaranteed thanks to its 2 blades easily facilitates : -nettoyer: everything underneath the water: -ranger compact and unobtrusive -manipuler: Non-Slip base and Grip handle to pull the rope ensures ease of use by efficiency patented rotating system [Made in France and Switzerland for optimum cutting performance ultra-optimal -rembobinage of the handle for convenience, not adhering electricity consumption.


The Tefal Excite Rapid Chopper is the fast and easy way to prepare delicious salsas, sauces, guacamoles, chopped fruits, vegetables, meats, and even baby food! In just 5 seconds you can have 2 cups of your favorite foods chopped to the chop/puree level of your choice. Unlike with a traditional blender, the manual pull knob allows you to have complete control of the chop/puree level of your food. The easy pull knob provides a smooth, effort free pull every time. The non slip base provides stability during the chopping process while the ultra sharp stainless steel blades provides clean cuts. The Tefal 5 Second Rapid Chopper is patented system that features two independent blades to provide fast chopping with zero electric power. The unit is easy to clean and the cutting case and blades are dishwasher safe. 

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