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Andrew James Professional Quality Vacuum Food Sealer with Roll Storage

Andrew James Professional Quality Vacuum Food Sealer with Roll Storage

  • Andrew James Vacuum Sealer with 110W 0.75bar vacuum - keep food fresh up to 5x longer.
  • Not limited to food; seal valuables and documents to protect them from dirt and damage.
  • A must-have for sous vide cooking; flavour and moisture is locked in - with delicious results!

Save on waste - preserve fresh ingredients instead of letting them wither and rot.

Save time - prepare meals in advance for the week ahead and reheat when you need to eat in a hurry
Save money - you can bulk buy food without worrying it will go off before you can use it
Save space - food can be stored in its most compact form, with no need for bulky Tupperware boxes

Fast, efficient and easy

It's so easy to use our vacuum sealer machine; simply choose a suitably sized vacuum bag (or cut one to size), place items inside, lay the open end of the bag over the 30cm sealing strip of the vacuum machine and close the lid. Then with the simple push of a button you can either seal, or vacuum and seal your bag in just a few seconds.

Spoil your senses with sous vide cooking

If you haven't yet tried food cooked 'sous vide', you're missing out. By vacuum sealing food before cooking in a water bath, the natural flavour and moisture of foods like chicken, fish, steak and vegetables is retained - so they taste incredible! You can also seal foods to marinate them with your chosen flavours.


Protect precious valuables

You can use the Andrew James sealer for vacuum storage of important paperwork to preserve their condition, and to keep valuables such as jewellery protected - and tangle free! It's also a great way to store your carry-on toiletries.

Included vacuum packaging:

22cm wide roll x 3m
28cm wide roll x 3m


The bags are dishwasher safe and reusable, microwave safe and freezer safe - they will protect your food from freezer burn so you can store foods without compromising quality. There's a built-in compartment to store your roll, plus a built in cutter.

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