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Culivac Vacuum Food Sealer Bags Professional (Made in Germany)

Culivac Vacuum Food Sealer Bags Professional (Made in Germany)

PriceFrom ₨1,950.00

keeps food longer fresh, without damage from moisture or air or loss of flavour

think and act economically - buy food in bulk, cook larger quantities and preserve under vacuum for your convenience and save time and money

prevent freezer burn

Pack Size & Qty.
  • ✔ QUALITY - high quality embossed vacuum bags/rolls MADE IN EUROPE, foil made in Germany - comply with European food safety requirements, quality assured
  • ✔ PERFORMANCE - soft material and integrated fleece make air come out much faster than liquids >>> higher degree of efficiency with domestic type vacuum sealers
  • ✔ MULTI VENDOR - suitable for many devices, e.g. Andrew James, Ariel, CASO Germany, Ellrona, Foodsaver, Gastroback, Genio, Junior, LAICA, LAVA/LA-VA, Rommelsbacher, Solis, Venus and many more
  • ✔ SOUS VIDE - bring the sous vide culinary technique into your kitchen, cook meals with incomparable taste and texture
  • ✔ CONSISTENT and RELIABLE - fine structure of embossed bags / rolls ensures good vacuum effect and tight seam >>> reliable sealing of the vacuum bag


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