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Edible Paper - Wafer Paper

Edible Paper - Wafer Paper

PriceFrom ₨5,000.00

Finest Quality Edible Paper Sheets for Rolled Fondant Cake, Wafer Paper is the least expensive edible paper from Kitchen Mate.

Wafer Paper is best used on cakes covered with almond paste or rolled fondant.


The edible Wafer Paper from Kitchen Mate is extremely versatile. It should only be used on dry surfaces on photo cakes, such as on rolled fondant.  Further uses are as edible labels, place cards, menu cards or on bread, rolls or pastries.

Wafer Paper is very inexpensive and available in two qualities: standard and premium. Both are available in A4 (210 x 297 mm). Standard edible paper has a thickness of about 0.4 mm, the premium quality is approx. 0.6 mm. Both qualities are obtainable in packs of 25 sheets. Shelf life is 12 months.

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