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Jura Cool Control Basic

Jura Cool Control Basic

  • Keeps fresh milk cool allowing milky specialities to be conveniently produced any time of the day
  • Cools the milk to as much as 25C below ambient temperature
  • Once the milk temperature reaches 4C the temperature is maintained, preventing freezing and saving energy
  • High quality, dishwasher safe 0.6L stainless steel milk container can easily be removed, opened, filled or stored in the refrigerator
  • Elegant design compliments any JURA coffee machine

Creating speciality coffees with light, creamy milk foam requires cool, fresh milk for best results. The elegant JURA Cool Control Basic actively cools fresh milk up to 25’C below the ambient temperature. Once the temperature reaches 4’C, the Cool Control maintains this temperate, preventing freezing, conserving energy and always ready for the next preparation.

The ingenious angled design allows all the cold milk to be extracted between refills. The high quality stainless steel container holds 0.6 litres and with the bayonet lock the container is easy to remove, fill, store in the refrigerator or clean in the dishwasher.

Box Contains

1 x JURA Cool Control Basic with removable 0.6L stainless steel milk container and lid
3 x 20cm Silicone milk tubes with connectors
1 x Power Supply with UK plug adapter
1 x JURA Cool Control User Instruction Manual

JURA – if you love coffee.

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