Kenwood Chef to Kmix Adapter KAT002ME Chef Bar To Twist Adapter

Kenwood Chef to Kmix Adapter KAT002ME Chef Bar To Twist Adapter

Do you own Bar attachments which don't fit your newer machine?
The Chef Bar To twist adapter allows you to use your older Bar attachments with your newer food mixer, so no need to replace your attachments!

The adapter \ GEAR enables the old Kenwood Chef attachments (Ex. AT 950 , AT 643 , AT 910 etc.) to be used with the new Kenwood Chef Sense and Kenwood kMix

You bought a new Sense Chef or Chef XL Sense? A colorful kMix? Do not throw away your accessories of the previous Major or Chef, you can reuse them!

The adapter comes between the frontal attack of accessories and accessory.


This adapter KAT 002 ME  allows you to connect to bar accessories equipped with attachment system to a Kitchen Machine (KVC / KVL) equipped with a rotating coupling system .

For information on safety, usage and cleaning, refer to the operating manual for the kitchen and machine instructions for individual accessories. For more information, visit



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