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Kenwood KMX750 kMix Stand Mixer with 1000W Power and 6 Speed Settings in Red

Kenwood KMX750 kMix Stand Mixer with 1000W Power and 6 Speed Settings in Red

Equipped with a powerful 1000W motor, the kMix KMX750 Stand Mixer from Kenwood is sure to be a welcome helping hand in any kitchen.Thanks to smart speed control, the KMX750 is able to deliver 6 different speed settings without spillage, plus a unique fold function that helps carefully layer ingredients. The splashguard also includes a large feed tube so you can easily add ingredients while the machine is mixing.The design of the kMix KMX750 is modern in appearance yet simple to use, with an ergonomic handle and an easy-access rotary control. It also comes equipped with a 5L mixing bowl and stainless steel attachments, all of which are dishwasher safe for a convenient clean-up.For added peace of mind, the kMix automatically stops when the head is lifted to prevent accidental operation.

The Kenwood KMX754RD kMix stand mixer has an impressive 5 litre capacity bowl which will comfortably handle large quantities of ingredients and also features a large handle for easy pouring. The 1000W motor handles any ingredients you decide to mix with ease meaning you won't need to worry about mixing juts simply adding the ingredients. The KMX754RD comes with additional attachments which include a k-beater which is designed to reach every area of the 5L capacity bowl and is perfect for mixing dry ingredients, a balloon whisk which is designed to trap air easily while whisking which will add maximum volume, a dough hook which is designed to take the hard work out of kneading dough and a splashguard with extra-large chute for adding ingredients easily. To ensure perfect mixing when it comes to using these tools the kMix allows you to adjust the height of each tool to guarantee that every kind of mixture is fully combined from the base of the bowl. The unique fold function allows the bowl to revolve using a 2.5 turns revolution mixing action to perfectly incorporate ingredients without losing air. The Kenwood KMX754RD food mixer with stylish glass bowl is the perfect blend of colourful, retro styling and classic Kenwood reliability and performance. The ergonomically designed controls and easy-fit attachment outlets are all conveniently placed at the front of the machine.

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