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Nespresso Vertuo ALTISSIO -10 pods

Nespresso Vertuo ALTISSIO -10 pods


When Altissio walks in, you’ll notice. The South American Arabicas and a touch of Brazilian Robusta give it that full - bodied, bold espresso taste. We balanced these coffees out with a Costa Rican Arabica that adds its soft cereal note. These Arabica and Robusta coffees get an intense and short roast to bring out that full - bodied character. In royal robes, Altissio is a Vertuo espresso coffee cloaked in a thick, velvety crema - full of roasty notes and a soft and creamy cereal note.



The presence of South American coffee beans create this intense Espresso, while Costa Rican beans balance the full body by bringing soft cereal notes to the blend.


Altissio is intensely and shortly roasted to reveal the full-bodied character of this bold blend.


This strong but very balanced, smooth coffee is obtained through the combination of a short prewetting, a slow flow and a high extraction temperature

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