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Nilfisk C110 4-5 PC Xtra Compact High Pressure Washer with Patio Cleaner

Nilfisk C110 4-5 PC Xtra Compact High Pressure Washer with Patio Cleaner

  • Powerful universal air cooled 1400 W motor and long life tough metal pump
  • 110 bar pressure with 440 L per hour water flow high cleaning power
  • Lightweight and fully movable with wheels, handle and onboard storage
  • Easy to use Click and Clean connectors with Quick and Swivel coupling

Product Description


C110 4-5 PC Xtra Compact High Pressure Washer with Patio Cleaner

Nilfisk is one of the largest manufacturers of cleaning equipment in the world and are the professional’s choice, and launched the first domestic pressure washer in the UK in 1985. Using their specialised knowledge Nilfisk bring you the C110 4-5 X-tra PC a true high performance pressure washer. Made from high quality robust raw materials this machine will do what you have bought it for - clean the patio, drive, brickwork, garden furniture, car, bike and so much more with speed and ease.


All Nilfisk pressure washers have a blue impact – resistant, recyclable plastic casing that protects the machine from dirt and damage. The wheeled upright trolley makes moving the pressure washer easy and safe.


Features and Benefits


Metal Pump


Made from Aluminium this light weight yet robust pump is the heart of the machine. Delivering long lasting superb performance.


Click and Clean


For quick and easy change between nozzles or accessories. This nozzle concept makes it easy to change between the different accessories - they just click into the lance and can be released through pressing the quick release button.


Quick Coupling


This is the connecting system between the ergonomic spray handle and the 5 metre long high pressure hose. The hose simply clicks into place and is designed to provide an anti-twist swivel function ensuring fast and easy handling of the hose without any complications. A release button ensures disconnection is simple. The spray handle also has a trigger lock for additional safety.


Spray Lance


The spray lance has a bayonet connection into the spray handle, 360° rotation and has a built-in low pressure nozzle for flushing away dirt.


Auto Start-Stop


Effective when using the ergonomically designed spray handle for instant control and safety. The auto start-stop alongside the thermal sensor cut out protects the motor/pump and saves water.


5 Metre High Pressure Hose and 5 Metre Electric Cable with Fitted Fused 3 Pin Plug


Large working area means you don't need to keep moving the pressure washer.


On-Board Accessory Storage


Spray gun, lance, nozzles and detergent bottle are where you want them and free from accidental damage. Cable hook keeps the electric cable tidy.


Pre-fitted Water Inlet Filter


Protects the metal pump from damage from debris in the water supply.

Works from a Water Butt Tap

Using harvested water is kinder for the environment. Tap outlet is 0.5 metres above washer feed. Maximum input temperature is 40 degrees Celsius.


Compact Patio Cleaner


This accessory is great at cleaning large areas of patio, decking, garden paths and driveways. The twin jets spin at high speed to blast the surface clean whilst the fine brushes ensure splash free operation.


Standard Accessories


  • Ergonomic Spray Handle with swivel hose quick connection
  • 5 metre High Pressure Hose
  • Click and Clean Extension Lance with 360 degrees rotation for less twisting and accuracy for directing water jet
  • Click and Clean Foam Sprayer and Bottle uses any suitable detergent with no residues to cleanse
  • Click and Clean Tornado Nozzle – fan jet for general cleaning and rinsing
  • Click and Clean Powerspeed Nozzle – for cleaning stubborn stains and dirt
  • Jet Nozzle Cleaner
  • Universal Male Click Connect Hose Pipe Connector
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