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Philips HR2106/01 Daily Collection Glass Jug Blender with Chopper

Philips HR2106/01 Daily Collection Glass Jug Blender with Chopper

  • ProBlend 4 star blade for highly effective blending and mixing
  • 1.5L Glass jug (1.25L working capacity)
  • Powerful 400 W motor
  • Multiple speeds and pulse for soft and hard ingredients
  • Chopper accessory perfect for onions, herbs and more

Philips Daily Collection White Glass Jug Blender HR2106/01

With Chopper Attachment and ProBlend Technology


The Philips ProBlend Daily Blender creates delicious smoothies, soups and lots more. The ProBlend technology ensures that ingredients have optimal flow through the large 1.5 L glass blending jug, which ensures that all of the ingredients are mixed and blended to the optimal consistency.

This technology combined with the powerful 400 W motor and variable speeds, means that you can blend quickly and easily. Also, the large 1.5 L glass jug allows large quantities of ingredients to be blended at one time, which is better when you want to make smoothies or a meal for the whole family.

Once the contents of the jug are blended to the ideal consistency, the ergonomic design makes pouring and manoeuvring the jug easy. Alternatively, if you want a finer result or a smaller portion, you can use the chopping attachment. This accessory is great for chopping herbs, nuts, chocolate and lots more. You can even make pestos and sauces to add to your meal.

Cleaning the blender is also a very quick and easy process. Unlike many blenders, the ProBlend 4 star blade can be removed from the base of the jug. This provides increased accessibility to the blade, consequently making cleaning much easier. Additionally, all removable parts can be detached from the main mechanical unit and placed directly into the dishwasher for more convenience.

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