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Russell Hobbs Tri-Blade Fruit & Veg Spiralizer

Russell Hobbs Tri-Blade Fruit & Veg Spiralizer

₨4,500.00 Regular Price
₨3,750.00Sale Price
  • dishwasher-proof material
  • blades made of stainless steel
  • Blades: 1 X Ribbon blade / 1 X Thin Spiral blade / 1 X Thick Spiral blade
  • Save energy
  • Less time for boiling or frying

Salter 3-Blade Fruit & Vegetable Spiralizer


For A Healthier Lifestyle


Promote healthy weight loss and get more out of your fruit & veg with this creative and family-friendly way to make meals.

  • Increases the mass of your veggies
  • Low calorie intake and weight maintenance
  • Complements your diet and meal preferences
  • Boosts metabolism and natural immunity
  • Saves time and requires minimal expertise
  • Retains maximum levels of nutritional value



  • The spiralizer is a razor-sharp cutting device that creates thin ribbons of vegetables and fruit designed for healthy everyday meals.
  • It is so easy to use– simply fix the vegetable into place then use the handle to twist it through the blade into ready to cook spirals.
  • Made from HIP and stainless steel it is durable and can be wiped clean after use, while the blades are removable for a thorough wash.
  • At 30l x 15.5w x 21.8h cm, it will sit comfortably on your work surface or in a cupboard without being too bulky to move or store away.
  • Try spiralizing a courgette into ribbons which you can cook with tomatoes and herbs for a delicious carbohydrate-free pasta style dish.
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