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Tefal IH210840 Everday Slim Induction Hob Black

Tefal IH210840 Everday Slim Induction Hob Black

  • Black ceramic plate, durable, scratch-proof, heat-proof and easy to clean
  • 180-minute timer in 1-minute increments, a pause function that lets you start and stop cooking with maximum flexibility
  • 6 automatic modes (low temperature, simmer, boil, boost, stir-fry, and fry) and manual control

What’s an induction hob?

Induction hobs heat the pan not the hob using an electrical current. Induction hobs can heat a pan faster than a traditional gas or electric hob, and are more energy efficient. They’re also easier to clean, as you can wipe the hob shortly after using it. Remember, not all ceramic hobs are induction hobs.

An induction hob can only be used with induction compatible pans. You can use induction kettles (which are faster to boil than normal kettles) with induction hobs. The fine degree of control over the power of the hob is also good for tasks like melting chocolate or making a sauce.


Induction cooking is fast, clean and easy to clean up after. The Tefal IH201840 Everyday induction hob gives you the flexibility to cook just about anywhere with a power supply. It features nine power levels for everything from heating water to simmering a stew. The LED control panel also makes getting the right settings easy.

It’s just right for pans up to 25cm in diameter and also features an integrated timer to keep your meals on track.

Please note: If you have a heart pacemaker, do seek advice from your doctor before using an induction hob. Please also only use pans suitable for induction hobs. These include enamelled steel, iron, stainless steel (depending on the alloy) and some aluminium pans with a ferromagnetic base. Glass and copper bases are unsuitable.


Fast and simple cooking every day!

With the Everyday induction hob, enjoy fast, simple cooking every day.

  • Featuring 6 diverse functions - manual, hot milk, soup, stew, stir fry, fry - it makes cooking easy, while 8 power levels adapt to all your cooking needs, from 100 W to 2100 W.
  • Suitable for pans with a diameter of 12 cm to 24 cm, it features a digital display and an easy-to-clean ceramic plate.
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