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Vileda 145096 Relax Cleaning Robot Robotic Vacuum Cleaner, UK Version, Red

Vileda 145096 Relax Cleaning Robot Robotic Vacuum Cleaner, UK Version, Red

  • Rechargeable cleaning robot sweeps and vacuums the floors whilst you relax ; Intelligent navigation system and stair sensors.
  • Simple to use, just switch the power on, press a cleaning program button and off it goes.
  • Suitable for all hard floor types and short pile carpet ; Floor types-Carpet (short pile),Hard floor,Laminate,Tile,Vinyl
  • Charge time 5 hours;Relax Robot Vacuum Cleaner has a noise level of just 63 dBThree step cleaning system leaves floors free of dust particles and hair
  • Vacuum power and brushes for sucking and sweeping up dirt and dust; Up to 80 minutes running time on a single charge

Sit Back and Let the Relax Cleaning Robot Do the Hard Work for You


The Vileda Relax cleaning robot vacuums, sweeps and dusts the floors for you at the simple press of a button. Set it to clean while you relax. It has three room size settings and will sweep, dust and vacuum on all hard floor types and short pile carpet, making it suitable for all around the home.


Suitable for Rooms of Any Size


Simply select your room size and then at the press of a button a powerful three-stage cleaning system will leave your floors clean. The side brush cleans edges and corners. Two counter-rotating brush bars pick up particles and hair. Vacuum power collects the finer dust. Also included in the box are full instructions for use, a charging adapter, a spare filter, a spare side brush and a special cleaning tool.


Intelligent Navigation System


The intelligent navigation system allows the cleaning robot to cover all available floor surfaces. It can even clean under furniture (where space allows). The bumper on the front of the Relax robot has a rubber strip for a soft bounce-back when the robot comes into contact with furniture or objects.

If it encounters anything blocking its path, it not only bumps back more softly, but also then finds a way around the object, cleaning as it goes. The Relax robot will not fall down the stairs, thanks to the stair sensors under the bumper. It also has sensors that can detect when it is picked up from the floor and will automatically stop as a safety feature.



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