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Bosch Quigo Plus Cross Line Laser with Tripod

Bosch Quigo Plus Cross Line Laser with Tripod

  • Simultaneously projects horizontal and vertical lines with markings at equal distances
  • Self levelling, always completely straight
  • Simple to use, one switch operation
  • Includes 1.1m tripod for easy positioning atdifferent heights
  • Small compact design


Product Description


The Bosch Quigo Plus is a self-levelling cross line laser which projects two perfectly horizontal and vertical lines onto any wall. With clear laser visibility up to 7 metres with markings at equal distances, the Quigo Plus is ideal for all levelling jobs around the home, from hanging pictures straight on the wall to levelling tiles. Easy to use: The sliding switch makes the Quigo quick and simple to use, with the cross line laser being projected onto any surface as soon as the sliding switch is opened. This sliding switch makes the Quigo a suitable tool for anyone to use, even those without much previous DIY experience. The sliding switch also doubles up as a protective cover to avoid the laser being damaged whilst in transit or storage. Sloping function: As well as being self-levelling, the Bosch Quigo Plus also has a sloping function which means that the cross line locks into position when tilted at an angle to maintain the perfect 90 degree angles. This means that it's also ideal for applications such as hanging pictures in line the stairs. A red LED light on top blinks to make clear that it's locking system for slope function is in use as it's outside of the +/-4 degree self-levelling range.The Quigo also simplifies more practical jobs, such as the fitting of bathroom or kitchen cabinets, putting up perfectly placed shelves, and more. It is even ideal for hanging picture frames on your wall, or positioning mirrors. The Quigo's long working range with a line length of up to 7 metres means that you don't have to apply it repeatedly like you do with a spirit level. The line will form as far as you need it, all by itself. This means you can get your home looking exactly how you like it, with minimal effort. Digital Measuring Tools from Bosch Digital measuring tools from Bosch impress with precision and extremely easy operation--whether when levelling objects, measuring distances or detecting all different kinds of materials and power cables.



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