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Nespresso  Il Caffè Spicy coffee pods

Nespresso Il Caffè Spicy coffee pods



miniscent of your classic Italian espresso, we began with two powerful-tasting Washed Robustas – from Vietnam and Indonesia – to form the base of this blend. We brought in a touch of Washed Colombian Arabica beans to round out the blend and bring to it a hint of acidity.


he Robusta coffees in Il Caffè get a darker roast than the Arabica coffee. A darker but medium length roast is what builds the intensity and boldness in these Robustas, giving them a long-lasting taste. Going a little lighter but a little longer on the Colombian Arabica’s roast is what keeps


e sip of Il Caffè offers your palate the complete Italian espresso experience. A robust coffee full of roasty cereal notes, the smooth and velvety texture go

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