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Andrew James Milk Frother Hot Chocolate Heater Warm Jug,

Andrew James Milk Frother Hot Chocolate Heater Warm Jug,

  • MULTI-FUNCTIONAL MILK WARMER FOAMER AND FROTHER -- Mix up a variety of delicious hot drinks by choosing to heat only, froth milk into a delicious foam or froth and heat together. This double walled electric milk frother will make it easy for you to create your favourite coffee at home, much tastier and cheaper than shop bought drinks.
  • DELICIOUS HOT DRINKS & HOT CHOCOLATE LARGE 300ML CAPACITY MILK WARMER -- Heat milk for a couple of mugs of coffee or indulge in a warming hot chocolate. You can also froth up to 150ml of milk in this large milk frother machine, to mix up delicious lattes and cappuccinos.
  • FROTH ANY TYPE OF MILK -- Dairy, Oat, Nut or Soy milks can all be frothed to make delicious drinks. Simply add the milk of your choice, choose the setting you reuqire and mix away!
  • EASY CLEAN NON-STICK COATING -- The PTFE coating makes this milk frother and heater easy to keep clean. Simply wipe clean between uses with a soft damp cloth and mild detergent. The 360 degree base gives easy access on any size surface, and is ideal for right and left handed people.
  • SIMPLE ONE TOUCH OPERATION -- This milk frother uses one button for all functions and comes with an automatic shut-off. Press to heat and froth, press and hold to froth only then change the attachment and press the on button to heat only.
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