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Breville/Sage BGR250BSSUK the Adjusta Grill and Press - Silver

Breville/Sage BGR250BSSUK the Adjusta Grill and Press - Silver

  • Dual plate design with flat bottom plate for cooking eggs and sandwiches
  • Adjustable height settings
  • Variable temperature control
  • Feet adjust base tilt from flat to angled to drain fat
  • Easy cleaning with premium non-stick cooking surface and dishwasher safe removable drip tray

the Adjusta Grill & Press™ by Sage, BGR250BSSUKM


Removable plates for easy cleaning. Embedded elements for direct heat and recovery.


Flat bottom plate for cooking eggs and sandwiches. Adjustable feet for flat or fat free cooking while the adjustable height in top plate is ideal for delicates and open melt sandwiches. Recreate the authentic cafe panini experience at home.


Flat Bottom Plate for Eggs and Pancakes and Adjustable for Fat Free Cooking, Delicates and Open Melts How do you trap flavours or drain fat using the same grill? With a flat bottom plate this grill increases its versatility, enabling you to cook eggs, pancakes and sandwiches. Adjust the feet forwards to grill flat, keeping all the juices on the grill plate or adjust the feet back to drain the fat into the drip tray. The adjustable top grill height not only prevents delicate ingredients from getting crushed, but means you can use the top plate to cook eggs over easy without flipping or melt cheese onto open melt sandwiches. Once you've tried flat, you'll never go back.

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