For warming croissants to toasting crumpets for lunch and snacks whenever you want, and fresh cups of tea and coffee all through the day, we've got a great range of kettles and toasters to match your budget and your kitchen.

Beverage & Breakfast

Bosch vacuum cleaners are guaranteed to deliver great performance and efficiency around the house.  Whether you choose cordless, bagged or bagless model Bosch have the ideal vacuum for you.



When we develop a washing machine, dryer, a tumble dryer or a washer dryer, we want more than just clean, dry washing.  Our aim: the lowest possible water and power consumption, outstanding reliability and maximum convenience.

Washers &


When it comes to preparing meals, our multi-functiional food processors and mixers are packed with labour saving technology.  From chopping and shredding to blending and weighing, our clever appliances will make any food prep easier and quicker

Food Preparation

Our selection of high quality coffee machines will turn you into a barrista at just the press of a button.  Simply choose the best machine for you and your kitchen, and look forward to smelling the coffee each morning.



Bosch dishwashers are designed to maximize space and flexibility, giving you the space you need to organize the dishes and clean them more efficiently.


Our range of efficient and technologically advanced irons will make a mountain of crumpled laundry look a lot less daunting.  You will be gliding through clothes and linen quickly, smoothly and with very little effort.



When we develop our cookers and ovens, our yardstick is you, and your everyday life.  We measure our devices from much more than perfect baking results.

Cooking &


A healthy diet starts when you buy your food and ends when you prepare it.  In between, its important to preserve invaluable vitamins and nutrients.  Our VitaFresh technology keeps fruits and vegetables fresh upto three times longer.

Refrigeration & Air Conditioning

Now delivering Bosch Large Appliances

to Lahore and Rawapindi/Islamabad.