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Edible Cake Printing in Pakistan

Kitchen Mate are proud to bring Edible Printing Kits and Supplies to our customers in Pakistan. An Edible Printing System is the first step to creating Edible Pictures, logos, Decorative designs, patterns to your Cakes, Cupcakes, Cookies and other Edible items.

We have the latest Edible Printing compatible Printer from Canon wihich allows you to print wirelessly from your Phone, Talbet or PC and a vide range of Edible paper to match the type of cake you are making. We are introducing a Starter Kit which includes everything you need to start making your Edible Prints straight away. Pls click on the picture above for full details. or

Call us on 03318885931 or email:

We will also be providing full support to help you get started with your Printing Kit.

Sample Edible Prints courtesy of Cake Shake by Faryal.(Lahore)


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