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Edible Cake Printer & Supplies in Pakistan at Kitchen Mate

We have the complete range of professional printers for Edible Printing on cakes, cupcakes, cookies and other Edible Products. We import the highest quality ink, Icing Sugar Sheets and wafer sheets from Germany and delivery them for free anywhere in Pakistan.

Alcohol free!

Our Ink and Paper supplies are alcohol free and only include plant based ingredients. We provide fit for consumption certificate issued in Europe and Ingredient list with all our orders.

Canon Professional Printers

We have selected the finest printers from the leading manufacturer of photo printers in the world. We have permanent supply of paper and ink cartridges all year around. We provide full installation and Set Up support for our printers and service facilities whenever you need it. You can visit our store in Lahore for a live product demo.

Call Us on 033318885931, 04235777771 or Visit


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